Your Affordable Home Remodeling Company

Our company specializes in the design of aesthetically pleasing kitchens, bathrooms, and overall home improvements that you will enjoy spending time in. You will find everything you require for a comprehensive home renovation in Rockland County and Bergen County at Saddle River Constructions. It guarantees that your remodeling project will be finished on time, without exceeding the allotted budget, and to an excellent standard. Over more than a decade, we have refurbished thousands of homes. Trust our team of Renovation Experts, Designers, and Project Managers who know the construction and how to take your project from concept to completion. They are familiar with New York construction since they have worked here.

Our Renovation Experts In Rockland And Bergen County Are The Best

Our in-house team of professional contractors in Rockland and Bergen County is the ones who are responsible for the renovation projects that Saddle River Construction undertakes in those counties. These contractors were hand-picked because of the high quality of their craftsmanship and their dependability. Your home renovation contractors are fully insured, bonded, and committed to remodeling your home in accordance with your demands while maintaining impeccable quality and finish. Renovating a home is not always a walk in the park. We take care of every aspect of the project, from the initial design consultation until the moment when we give over the keys to your beautifully renovated home. Your professional Renovation, Expert and Designer will be there for you at every stage of the process, guiding you toward realizing your ideal house. For your convenience, we will handle obtaining all necessary permits and approvals from the local municipality and the building management firm. And while the building is being constructed, we will provide you with a personal Project Manager who will serve as your single point of contact for the remodeling period for any concerns, questions, and progress updates.

What To Do When it’s Time To Improve Your Property

No matter how big or small, every job receives our undivided attention, entire effort, and unwavering dedication to achieving the highest possible quality standard. Our organization is renowned for its dependability and professionalism. We take immense satisfaction in producing work of the highest possible quality. When the client raises questions or concerns, the person in charge of the project will be available to respond. Saddle River Construction has an excellent track record regarding occupational safety, is bonded, and holds all of the appropriate licenses for home construction. All of the labor and supplies that we provide for a construction project come with a guarantee that is considered to be reasonable by Saddle River Construction. This guarantee is contingent on the scale of the project. Give us a call right now for an estimate.

Why Add On To Your Home & Invest In A House Addition?

Adding on to your home is one of the most effective strategies for increasing the value of your property in Rockland County and Bergen County. It makes it easier for you to renovate the house to satisfy your necessities and your wants. A house addition is a suitable strategy if you have always desired a mudroom or other apartment to generate personal space for you and your family. It is a significantly easier method on one’s wallet and can efficiently put underutilized land to better use. Our house addition and home remodeling services in Rockland are second to none. You should take advantage of them if you seek professional assistance with your home renovation project. Put all of that spare space in your home to productive use. Transform it into something that will leave you content and satisfied in the end.

How Does Home Renovation Increase Your House Value?

No matter how little or extensive your home renovations are if you are enhancing or adding to your house, it will raise the overall worth of your house. Your home will always be in excellent condition if you continue to add new components. You usually get a significant return on your investment with the help of these extra factors. However, you require qualified and experienced general contractors to guarantee that you benefit from this extra value. Such contractors can be found at Saddle River Construction. We know your needs and provide the most practical and profitable plans. Have concerns? If you have any questions, call us, and we’ll be happy to help.