“A deck would give you one more reason to have a party.”

Professional Deck Building Rockland County

Installing or reconstructing your deck provides many benefits. Bringing the inside and outside together increases the value of the house. The right deck enhances the appearance of the home and is lasting. So you can have stylish summer BBQs and family gatherings. Putting on a deck can also cost a lot of money. Up to 80% of the entire expenditure may be on developing a deck. But with suitable decking materials, you can get up to a 90% return on your investment. You should only use the best materials to get the most money back from your deck. Consider the design of your new deck as a starting point. The hard part is to build and install it. Homeowners who tackle this home repair job don’t give it enough time, money, or competence. Saddle River Construction’s deck building services are worth every money.

Deck Repair Contractors

When constructing a deck, there are several considerations to contemplate. If you don’t know the right way to build something and start it on your own, you might end up with a mediocre one. When you hire us to help with the project, you can be sure that you’ll have a high-quality deck for your home. Our skilled Rockland County deck builders have years of expertise. Poor installation and quality can be dangerous when it comes to second-story or multi-level decks. Decks should be designed and fortified to keep upright under loads and weather. We know how to make a deck that is safe and strong. And we also know how to make your chosen design look good and match your home. You could work with Saddle River Construction if you want the top outcomes.

Outdoor Deck Installation

Your deck will look very different depending on what you want to do with it. Do you want your deck to look like a separate building from your house? Or will your dream deck fit in with the rest of your house and yard? Even if this is a question of personal preference, it could impact the house’s worth and what purchasers desire. Our deck builder at Saddle River Construction can provide you with the latest trends. Both how well they work and how nice they look. Before you can start a project to fix up your home, you need planning permission and permits. There are several home codes to abide by, depending on where you live. When you hire our professional deck builders, we will get the permits for you.

Deck Staining and Sealing Companies

Is the choice of material based on cost, durability, ease of maintenance, or how it looks? Homeowners may not know which materials will work best for them. Each deck has both good and bad things about it. For instance, PT lumber is an affordable choice that is easy to find from coast to coast. But when it’s out in different kinds of weather, it can shrink, crack, split, and warp. So, tropical wood is very dense but costs more and doesn’t take stains very well. Our deck builders at Saddle River Construction can help clients select the best option.

Wood Deck Contractors

Most of the time, the natural wood on your deck is 20 to 30 years old. During that time, the wood starts to rot and fall apart, leaving nails and splinters of wood exposed. When replacing and getting rid of rotten floorboards, first-timers can get hurt. Also, people could fall through a weak deck if pressure is put on the wrong spot. Deck lighting is something that is often forgotten. A family member might fall if you don’t illuminate your deck’s tiny stairs. You could hang a floodlight, but this isn’t usually the best choice from an aesthetic point of view. Saddle River Construction can provide you with many alternatives for deck lighting.

Custom Deck Maker

There’s no doubt that it feels good to finish a home improvement project you started yourself. But most of the time, building a deck on your own will take much longer than if you had hired help. Most homeowners don’t have enough workers or time to finish in a reasonable amount of time. Not to mention that they don’t even know how long the project will take. Our deck builders at Saddle River Construction can give you an idea of how long a project will take. Our crew’s work process is already streamlined so that your installation can go as possible and still be done on time.

Pool Concrete Contractors

Our pool deck builders are also a good choice if you want to build a deck around your pool. We have worked with both above-ground and in-ground pools. So, we will know how to build one that works well and looks good. Getting materials for your project from different places can save money. It can be expensive to buy materials if you don’t know where to get them at the best price. Our deck builder at Saddle River Construction will use local vendors to buy supplies. We’ll also know which companies are reliable and affordable, saving you money in the long run. Getting the materials is only half the battle, though, because you will also need the right tools. If you can’t borrow the unique tools you need from a friend, you’ll have to buy them. Together with materials, this can add a lot to the cost of a project.

Deck Patio Builders

Our Saddle River Construction deck builders provide customized items to design your ideal deck. Instead, you can choose the features on your new deck. If you don’t want to build a custom deck, you can look at pictures of decks we’ve built before on our website. You can look at our different designs and choose one that suits your tastes. One thing to think about when designing your deck is what materials you want to use. We sell natural wood, composites, plastic lumber, and more at our business. Each has different uses, how long it lasts, what colors it comes in, and more. Other things to consider are the color of your deck, how you want it laid out, whether you want a railing, and more.

Professional Deck Refinishing

What then goes into building a deck? Let’s take a look at how Saddle River Construction builds.

Consult: Our deck builder will go over your deck plan with you. We also look at different design options and help you choose the materials for your deck.

Design: You’ll get a 3D color drawing of your deck based on what you talked about during the first phase. If you’re satisfied with the findings, you’ll receive a complete project proposal with a schedule.

Permits and approval: We’ll submit your deck layout for approval and apply for any construction permits you must.

Prepare: In this step, you will prepare the site for your deck. Some of the things we do to get ready are to dig holes for the footings, string out the area, and prepare the soil.

Build: At this point, our experts will start building your deck. Foundation, ledger board, support posts, joists, and boards are phases. Our deck builder will also add any extras you want during this stage.

Contractors Who Build Decks Near Me

Saddle River Construction pays attention to the elements of your deck when you choose us. You might make minor mistakes when you build your deck. Even though it does not change your deck’s stability or look, little things make a difference. We’ll ensure your deck is professional and high-end if you use us. Building a deck isn’t complicated or time-consuming if you use our professionals. Because we have built so many decks for other people, we can build the deck of your dreams. You’ll save time, money, and more if you hire us. Contact us at 845-533-3315 for more details.