“Your very best choice is new garage construction from the experts.”

Makeover Garage Remodeling Rockland County

Your garage can be a clean, helpful space that increases the value of your home. Instead of boxes, motorcycles, and yard equipment, use your vehicle as a workplace. If you want to change your garage, you might want to hire Saddle River Construction. Hiring our expert to transform your garage has a lot of benefits. Our professional garage repairs are employed to rectify DIY initiatives gone bad. That means all the work and money spent were for nothing; the homeowner has to start all over again.

A garage remodeling includes new flooring, cupboards, walls, storage, garage doors, and openers. Consider your goals for the restoration of your garage:

  • A protective coating on the new garage floor
  • The storage panel on the wall can hold your garden tools, sports gear, winter tires, and other small items.
  • A workstation with storage space below for your devices.
  • You may keep Christmas decorations and summer toys on ceiling-hung racks.

Renovate Garage Into Living Space

When building your garage floor or cabinets, we have the necessary tools, know-how, and expertise. We’ll provide a supplied mobile workshop truck to your home. We have the skills, equipment, and know-how to install your garage floor or cabinetry. Before you know it, your new garage will be ready to use again. Our experts won’t skip even the most critical steps. Installers will grind your existing concrete floor, repair any damage, and prepare the space. Hiring us ensures your flooring, cabinets, and storage solutions are installed and guaranteed.

Choosing Your Contractor For Remodeling Your Garage

Our skilled garage remodeling professionals promise long-lasting work. Still, if anything goes wrong, Saddle River Construction will be there to fix it. If you want to update your garage, call our professional garage renovators. We’ll come to your house to talk about design with you. You may discuss your ideas, the project’s scope, and garage renovation materials and services. Installation dates are set once the plan is approved and the project is confirmed. While our installers are in your home, we’ll answer any questions you have. Once we’re done, you can start using your brand-new garage!

Finishing Garage Floor

When you hire professionals like us, we guarantee the results. If your garage floor delaminates, peels, or cracks, we will fix it for free under our warranty. Because of our training and experience, this doesn’t happen very often. Delamination is most likely to occur at the front edge of the garage. We worked out how to cut a notch in the concrete across the entire front lip. It helps the components stick better and allows them to be fixed to the crack. Getting a good result from a garage renovation project may take time and careful planning.

Garage remodeling may be more challenging than expected, depending on your time and expertise. You might not have enough time because you have to take care of other things. But, you might not know enough about the next task to turn out the way you thought it would. So, it might be best to hire Saddle River Construction to do the job.

Dream Garage Remodeling Company

We restore garage floors, polish concrete, and apply house topcoats at Saddle River Construction. Our crew comes early in the morning to clean out your garage. Our truck and trailer have all the tools we need to do a professional job. You may use your new garage 24 hours after we finish the construction. If you choose the DIY kit, you’ll save money, but we don’t take shortcuts. Most home improvements don’t do enough to prepare the old concrete slab. For appropriate installation, clean, grind, repair cracks, clean again, strengthen, and topcoat. Most kits skip the first few steps, meaning the job won’t look as good or last as long as a professional job.