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When should you remodel your home?

Your kitchen looks tight, old, and worn out. The color of your bathroom tiles does not match the color scheme of its walls anymore, and your bathtub is too small for your growing kids.

You wonder why time flew so fast after buying your home brand new just a decade ago.

Changes like these make you want to call the best contractors in town. But you’re still undecided. Do you need to renovate, or is it time to remodel? Should you repaint and put up more mirrors to make it look spacious? How about knocking down the walls and using the next room to expand your kitchen?

To give you an overview of this article, these are hints that it is time for a home remodel.

  1. Damage and deterioration are present
  2. You want to increase your home’s market value
  3. You need more space
  4. You want to change the atmosphere of the whole house
  5. The layout of your home no longer fits your needs
  6. Spaces in your home are not used well
  7. You need changes but prefer not to move out

Remodel or renovate: What is the difference?

Before we discuss when it is time to remodel the house, it is important to know the difference between a home remodel and a home renovation.


The process is called renovation when restoring or repairing your living space back to its earlier condition. Contractors will not change anything in the layout of your home. They will simply make your house look and function well again.


Unlike renovation, remodeling changes your home’s form and structure. It revamps the function of every area inside your house. Let’s say you want changes in your bathroom design. Extra space is needed for a bigger bathtub and a shower with new flooring made from granite. Then, the old open shelves in the wash area must be removed to create more space.

These tasks call for remodeling.

The next question is when should you remodel, and not renovate, your house? What hints do you need to look out for before calling a contractor for this job? 

Hints that you need a home remodel

The home is not just a structure with stuff you use every day. Whether it is a new house or an old one, home is where you can relax and be yourself. It is your permanent space where you can express your unique lifestyle.

Your home property is your territory. It is where you live.

But in time, a good house requires repair and a decent upgrade. At times, it can be a partial renovation. Other times, you may need to remodel the whole house.

When you see these signs, it is time to remodel your house.

Damage and deterioration are present

Home remodels are necessary when there are rotting floorboards, leaking roofs, a broken fireplace, or cracking floors. You need to remodel when appliances are old and rusty, the fixtures are worn out, the bathroom has lots of leaks, or the walls are starting to chip off. You will feel comfortable and safe once you upgrade the whole house.

Damage and deterioration are hazards. Leaking roofs can cause a malfunction in electric circuits and lead to a fire. Rotting floorboards and loose walls can cause accidents. A ceiling filled with mold and mildew can spread and cause more severe damage.

When these happen, a home remodel is much needed. Delaying will cause more serious problems! Worse, your enjoyment of your house may turn to constant anxiety and sadness. It will also affect the value of your home if you intend to resell it. 

You want to stay and make your home a good investment

When you want to turn your home into a valuable investment, give it a more modern look. Estimate how long you plan to stay. This will help you make decisions about changes you have in your home. 

The home should be transformed into a sturdy and beautiful structure. It should make you happy and comfortable. The final design should fit your lifestyle perfectly. Safety and security, too, are important.

All these will give you a good resale value when it is time to sell your house.

You need space!

Another good time to remodel is when you need space! Do you want a bigger bathroom? One that has both shower and a tub? Or do you want your garage also to be your storage?

How about having a deck built to enjoy the beautiful view of your surroundings?

Professional home remodeling takes time

Construction experts do their best to produce quality jobs. That is why the construction may take several months or years, depending on the required improvements and prevailing environmental conditions.

You want to change the atmosphere of your entire house

Each home has a unique atmosphere. Some are bright and cheerful. Others are quiet and calm. But a bad home design can make it unhappy and gloomy. Or you want to make a space into a home office. Then, you would go for a professional atmosphere. Another good time to remodel your house is when it looks outdated and worn out. 

If your home atmosphere does not make you feel “at home” anymore, it is a good time to remodel! Shifting space use and its mood will do wonders. The upgraded cabinets will be more efficient, the reconfigured fireplace will be safer, and those rickety stairs will be easier to climb with better-angled steps as you go down to your refurbished basement.

That means a happier and safer home with higher value!

The layout of your home no longer fits your needs

Has your laundry load expanded since the baby came? So, every time you do your laundry, there is not enough space to organize and fold them? Is your kitchen island in a tight corner?

Maybe, your garage needs to be moved because the cars coming and going are bothersome. Perhaps, you prefer to have a deck in that space instead.

When some spaces in your home are not working out for you, it must be time for a remodel! Consult experts on how to make your spaces more functional and complements your lifestyle.

Some spaces in your home are not used

Remember that storage room that you have been neglecting for years? Maybe it is time to use that as your entertainment center or study room. Or your son is about to get married, so it’s okay to change his room into that storage you needed. 

Making unused spaces functional is another good time to remodel. This will also keep the space alive, loved, and valued to welcome new memories.

You want changes and prefer not to move out

Another good time to remodel is when you want changes in your life and lifestyle but prefer not to move out. The kitchen may have been designed for your mother, but it is not functioning well anymore. Plus, you want a bigger dining space to entertain your family and friends. Keeping the old yet welcoming the new is possible. You don’t need to move or sell. You need to make those changes.

Three things you should expect

It can be expensive

Home remodeling requires a bigger-than-usual budget. That is why experts advise making a good budget plan. Consider room size, cost of materials, type of work needed, and how big the project is. Make sure to get the project proposal first before signing the contract, so you know if your budget fits the bill.

It can disrupt your lifestyle

Remodeling will make your home messy for some time. So, it will be best to consider if you are up to having a temporary disruption in your lifestyle. There will be people working in your home, materials coming in and out, and some spaces may not be functional for long periods of time. There will be inconveniences. Decide with your family members if this is something that you can put up with temporarily. It will give you the home transformation you want to enjoy.

It can get ugly

There are many contractors in Brooklyn, NY. But if you choose a contractor who is not well-trained in this industry, your project will be messy. The best home contractors around, however, can make your project a dream come true.

Only work with contractors with solid experience, quality service, a wide range of expertise, and good customer service. Since your home is your territory, you deserve value for your money.


In sum, there are hints that you need to remodel your beloved home.

  1. Damage and deterioration are present
  2. You want to increase your home’s market value
  3. You need more space
  4. You want to change the atmosphere of the whole house
  5. The layout of your home no longer fits your needs
  6. Spaces in your home are not used well
  7. You need changes but prefer not to move out

Remodeling your home is a big step. It will require funds and will cause some temporary disruptions in your life. But all these hassles are worth it if you only work with trusted contractors in Brooklyn, NY. Saddle River Construction can give you the quality work you deserve. Enjoy the transforming experience of reconstructing your house!

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